Do you detail BMW vehicles?

We offer detailing services and offer different types of detailing packages. You may contact your service advisor for more information. A service advisor provides a detailed assessment of what service is needed.

How can I know when my vehicle is due for service?

Generally, you can check your odometer within the first four seconds after start up where it will display the due service information. You can call our service professionals for advice or suggestions.

How long does it take to service the car?

Usually, you can get your car serviced on the same day itself if it is received no later than 10 am.

How often should I bring my car to service?

The basic recommendation stays as every 12 months that you must take your car for a complete service.

I am not your regular client. Can you still service my BMW?

Absolutely! As an authorized BMW service shop in Melbourne, we will service vehicles for customers who are not our regular clients too as well as warranty and non-warranty concerns.

What is the best engine oil for my car?

Castrol, is the best oil you can use for your car.

Will be my new car warranty be affected if you service my car?

BMW spare parts come with a 24-month warranty. Your warranty will not be affected unless your vehicle has authentic parts.

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